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jammercita [userpic]
my conservative family makes me cry
by jammercita (jammercita)
at April 11th, 2009 (10:34 pm)

Hello, everyone--
I am a soon-to-be college graduate.  I am finishing my studies in anthropology at a small liberal arts college in Texas.  Both sides of my family are very conservative, and I used to be the same.  However, my experiences at college have led me to think/process things in a completely different light, and I consider myself very liberal.
My mom and I have a very difficult relationship, and sometimes I'm flat-out scared of her.  I don't know if this is because I struggle with depression/anxiety/ADD, or if I should really be frightened of her.  Right now, we're going through an okay phase, but she keeps trying to convert me back to the ultra-conservative, Faux News-brand of close-minded East Texas redneck bumpkinism I grew up in.  She continues to tell me that everything is wrong--my faith (also very liberal, Jesus-ism), my politics, my education, and my way of thinking.  I am a month away from having a degree from a top-tier liberal arts college in a field that I completely enjoy; I feel alive and a part of a community for the first time ever.  I want to go to grad school, travel the world, be a famous muck-raking journalist, rehabilitator for torture survivors, bleeding-heart liberal academic, and city-dweller--the antithesis of everything I was brought up to be by my family, but the summation of everything I feel made to be.
I'm the type of person who has to think through one's thoughts (I'm sure you've caught on by now, haha), and sometimes my ideas come up in conversation with her (if I don't talk to her, she shows up on my doorstep demanding to know what's wrong with me).  I am in tears tonight because my mom hates who I've become and tells me that college/academia/Satan has destroyed my mind and that I'm screwed up.  She has even implied that my mental illness is caused by being liberal.  I'm searching for a next-step for my life following next month's graduation.  I've been in school for seventeen years--I don't know anything else--and I'm trying to become my own person.  However, the person who raised me tells me the Me I've become is sinful, a screw-up, not okay, and too flawed to make anything out of.  I'm a definite pro at existential crises, and this is becoming one of them because my mother is so insistent with her ideology, and I'm so sensitive that I can't not listen to it.
If any of you have any advice, ideas for a job, or good jokes, feel free to reply.

The Anti Patriot [userpic]
Hello All
by The Anti Patriot (anti_patriot)
at February 5th, 2008 (08:12 pm)

I just joined this community because I come from a very close-minded father. He is a conservative Republican. He does know one or two gay men and has no problem talking to them but he still views it as wrong. He is pro-life and against gay marriage. I find my own views to differ significntly. I can't say I'm pro-abortion but I do believe in a person's right to choose. I would rather these people put the children up for adoption so that an infertile couple may experience raising a child. As for gay marriage, I believe everyone has the right to be happy and the right to be recognized legally as a couple. I don't think it's fair that a man and a woman can be recognized as a married couple but two men or two women can't. 'Domestic Partnership' is just a modern-day form of segregation. It's the same concept as the Jim Crow laws of the early 1900's.

well, i'm not entirely sure how well i'd fit in here but...
by karen (orangewings)
at January 31st, 2008 (05:59 pm)

i was born into a family that told me to shut up and never speak up.
all my life my parents told me... 'don't speak up and don't say your political opinions'. 'we can't vote anyways, so it doesn't matter.' they said. (we're all immigrants from japan.)
they would lecture me to death if i spoke up about any political issues and -oh the horror!- took a position.
my parents told me that politics was for stupid people, would always say that being a politician was the worst occupation ever.

i can't say i'm spawned from conservative parents, but i came from an extremely moderate parents who pretty much forbade me to speak up or take any positions. i dunno what they would say if i took conservative positions since i really never have, but whenever i would talk about some issue, they'd be all, 'you have a better idea?' and such.

you would not BELIEVE the lecture i got when i said i wanted to convert to pastafarianism/flying spaghetti monsterism. [google it!]

it really bothers me, but i've learned to deal with it. i'm very outspoken when i'm not home. but i feel really weird finding it easier to be honest to complete strangers, but not my parents. it doesn't really matter with my foreign relatives who honestly don't really care about japanese politics and could care even less about american politics.

do i just live in a really, really, really odd family?
[ i s'pose i do. ]

by Heather (iam_vampiire)
at January 11th, 2008 (03:41 pm)

hi everyone, i just got back on to livejournal after a couple of years and it's great to have found this community. hopefully i can relate with some of you. my whole family is ridiculously conservative republican, with the exception of my father who claims he is more liberal but is still anti-gay marriage and pro-life. i'm not saying you can only be one wing or the other, but he's just stuck someplace in the middle.

i am also, ironically, the only religious one in my family. i'm very active in a non-denominational christian church, but i'm pretty sure i'm the only one on that entire campus who is pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, pro-immigration, believes in global warming (but i don't really freak out about it) and is generally just open-minded.... 

i don't argue too much about politics with my parents because they are both too self-absorbed into their own lives, but if there is anyone out there who would like to discuss stuff, i really take an interest in politics and i love debating =]

gaytheist1 [userpic]
Relative Maddness
by gaytheist1 (gaytheist1)
at January 9th, 2008 (02:07 am)

I'm pro-choice, gay, feminist, pro-immigration and an atheist.  My neo-con aunts and uncles?  Thrilled. ;)

How does a person politely deal with such things?  I mean to be polite not because they're polite to me (apparently, my politics alone, not even getting into the gay and the atheist) is enough to make my entry into heaven questionable at best), but polite because it stirs up less BS for the rest of my life?

How do you say "you've got it all wrong, I can denounce the war all I want (because it's doing nothing but killing people and increasing Saudi influence and Iranian militancy) and yet not be anti-American soldier or anti-American in general?

How do you say "so he's putting on heels, who cares?  Why be so obsessed with taking them away from him, and denying the kid (a miserable child, I must add) his little bit of joy?  Are you that afraid of what he may become?  You have no influence, no bargaining chips to make him gay or straight, trans or no.  All you can do is show that he is loved, whatever he is, and, admittedly, the odds are still that he's just a boring straighty like most crossdressers.  Is being "like a woman" a bad thing?  Are women bad?  That's the message you're sending."

How do you say "hey, umn, I know it's been several generations for your family, so you don't remember coming to America, but, historically, most first generation immigrants, whether from Sweden, Germany, France, or wherever else the "good" immigrants came from, didn't end up speaking English to well.  They tended to cluster in their own "little Italys" or "little Russias" or whatever, and speak the language they started with while living and working amongst their own.  Their children, raised here, acted as translators for them as they entered school and learned the language.  Current immigrants from Mexico aren't any worse than anyone else in that way.  Singling them out?  A tad racist, no?  Besides, since you've never seriously studied another language, you make me laugh (til I cry a little inside) when I hear "just learn English," something you've never had to do."

To go further, how do you explain "just because a language makes you uncomfortable (because you don't understand it) doesn't make it wrong.  Languages are morally neutral, they harm no one.  They're a matter of personal choice and, to a far greater extent, an accident of geography.  It's your life, conduct it in whatever language you will.  English?  Go on.  Spanish?  I wish I knew the Spanish for "go on."  Anything else?  Se vian lingvon sxatas vi, do parolas gxin.  Esperanto, man, look it up.

How do you say "hey, umn, Auntie, I know you're trying, and not you know, calling an exorcist on me is a step above what the other aunts would do to my gay self.  But if you can't support gay marriage because "it doesn't sit right" or your "religion is against it," I care to remind you that second class citizenship is not what you offer to a person you love.  Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount that if a person divorces their spouse for any reason other than adultery, and then remarries, that remarriage is considered an adultery.  You know, like one of the big sins, the one on the big stone tablets my other aunts want installed in schools?  You're all three divorced and remarried.  Not because your husbands were adulterous, but because they sucked.  I love you, though, and wouldn't hold this against you or your legal rights?  Why are mine not so valuable?  Jesus said nothing about the gays.  Not a word.  And the ten commandments?  There wasn't an eleventh one "thou shalt not consider thy gay niece or nephew's 14th amendment rights to equal protection under the law."

What about, "I know you're a pretty big control freak as a husband, always needing to know wherever your wife comes and goes (is she a child?  Do you not trust her?), but some things aren't your right to control.  I know, blah, blah, "the husband is the spiritual head of the household," but it also says there is no male or female in Christ.  Bugger off.  And the issue of abortion?  In the hypothetical, that is MY uterus, my life, my body being hijacked by a pregnancy I don't want, can't afford and can not emotionally handle.  What gives you the right to force me to surrender all that is mine, my own body, even, to a life form that cannot even feel pain and is completely unaware of its own existence?  Why do you get a vote?  How is it an intrusion when the government tells you what to do about buying electricity, but yet, when it's a woman's body and not a man's pocket book, it's ok?  What?"

What about "you keep trying to tell me to go to church with you, and whenever I try to talk to you about why it's crap, (not even getting into the supernatural part of the deal), you shut me down?  Are you some how endowed with special insight into the mind of god?  Are you so ignorant of your own religion not to know the true meaning of the story of the good Samaritan?  Jesus told the story in response to the question "ok, so you say 'love my neighbor,' but who, exactly, is my neighbor?"  Jesus said the Samaritan of the story was a neighbor.  Yes, it was a big deal that the hero was a Samaritan and there was high prejudice against them at the time, but there's more to it.  They were prejudiced against the Samaritans because, even though they were Jewish, they believed things the establishment disagreed with on matters of religion.  They didn't believe Jerusalem was the holy city.  They were idealogically impure.  And the priest and the Levi who walked by, leaving the man where he lie?  They did that because the law, as given to Moses, said that touching the dead made a person unclean and they had no way of knowing this man wasn't dead without touching him.  The Samaritan, already idealogically impure, broke the law of god to rescue the other man.  Jesus was saying it's more important to do the right thing than the "scripturally correct" thing.  Jesus said "love G-d with your whole heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.  This is the whole of the law."  Isn't that enough?  Who cares about the details?  They're a self serving wank for you, Aunt, an ego trip.  And this KJV fascination you have?  It makes absolutely no sense.  At all.  None.  Why would god step in, 1600 years post-Jesus to go give some white people the only acceptable Bible, totally skipping over centuries of others, including the originals?  Is god that racist?"

This is a civilized version (as close as it's coming to it) of what I would say.  Why does such strict adherence to "Christian" belief make a person act like such an ass?  Jesus wasn't an ass.  Maybe that's why they're not Jesus-ians.  Christ is, after all, a title for the promised messiah, not a name.  They're pro-messiah.  They're not so pro-first century rabbi.  I feel strange, as an atheist, to have more warm feelings about what Jesus supposedly said than they do.  Trouble is, it's not enough just to concur with 90% of what he said.  I have to believe he actually said it.

Conservative [userpic]
Democracy or Socialism?
by Conservative (umbrella_1942)
at September 20th, 2006 (10:14 am)

One of the things that I have always wondered about Liberal Left Wingers, is do they really support Democracy and individuals right to express whatever they want so long as its not defamatory? In Adelaide, and Australia in general, the leading Left Wing Liberal youth group is called Resistance.


They will claim to support and back democracy and freedom of expression to the hilt. But at the same time they wish to curb freedom of speech of the centre, conservative-right and radical right. They also wish to outlaw just about every one of these parties.
They are also the same group of people who come down to meetings of the Young Liberals, Young Nationals and Family First Society at uni and throw eggs at us as we exit the building and break into the lecture theatres when we have guest speakers. They when we retaliate by writing negatively about them in the Liberal newsletter, The Reporter, they complain that we're slandering and it shouldnt be allowed.
When, as a coalition of conservative students at university emailed the Resistance team, we recieved a half page reply to the Liberal president, Pat Giam full of expletives and calling conservative students f**ksticks and calling former president Xavier Wintersfield a "Rude son of a bitch".

There is no way of proving all of this to any of you, whether we're right or wrong. Nor do I expect any of you to judge (or even comment on) the behaviour of Resistance based on my probably biased version of events.

But what is definately the case is that the views of Resistance and the general Australian public (which in general is centrist with very slight left leanings) are so far apart that Resistance's ideas will never be implemented in a democractic Australia.
They frequently cite that Australians would love free education back, free healthcare, more police, no foreign debt and for nobody to be unemployed and therefore they would be the most popular group the country has ever seen. However, they do not cite that to do so would a massive tax rise, probably even imposing a 100% tax rate which would make them widely hated, and nationalising property (which they actively support), which is expressly forbidden under British Commonwealth Law as well as Australian Law.
They commonly cite Cuba as a bastion of their ideals. We all know that Cuba has no socialism, and that its current regime founders, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro were both tyranical murderers who support the destruction of their opponents by violent force but they supported most of Resistance's Ideals.

So that brings me to my question to each and all of you.

Which is more important, the democratic will of society and free speech from all political spectrums on any topic no matter how taboo, or the implementation of unpopular policies which are progressive and good for society as a whole?

My thoughts
Without Democracy and Free Speech a society has nothing and Free Speech should be encouraged, no matter how unpopular or controversial it is.
People should never be gagged on any topic as long as it is not causing defamatory damages. For that reason, we should never ban any political party. Even wacko groups and individuals like Satanists, Ann Coulter or the alarmingly racist Australia First Party should not be barred from giving thier spiels, they should just be bashed with a weapon called rebuttal from their political opposites, or conservative moderates.
Againm if the majority of a country want water fluoridation, we should give them water fluoridation. If the majority of the country wants nuclear technology, we should start researching nuclear technology. Hell, if they want to sing der Horst Wessel Lied while using Blitzkrieg to acquire Aryan Lebensraum across the Russian Steppe then we should start preparing the Wehrmacht for Barbarossa 2006.

Just my thoughts, I look forward to hearing yours.

Conservative [userpic]
Greetings Liberals
by Conservative (umbrella_1942)
at September 5th, 2006 (08:59 pm)

G'day Liberal-Spawn,

Once upon a time I self-identified as a conservative (and still do) because I meet Edmund Burke's definition of having a "disposition to preserve but with the ability and desire to improve". That said, joining abortiondebate and reading the views of some American self-identified liberals, I've noticed that the views of those are quite similar to my own and probably more in common than most other "conservatives". Contrary to what people think of conservatives, I do not hate liberals, I hate radicals and extremists, whether they be left or right.

I grew up with two parents who are politically apathetic with three very politically active boys which I am the second.

I share lots of sympathies with liberal progressives, including free education up to undergrad, SOME free healthcare, no imperialistic wars, questioning of all authority, freedom of speech, compulsory voting in democracies, tighter gun control, I have a burning desire to kill Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Ann Coulter, preservation of the environment, getting rid of tariffs and subsidies, the right to an abortion (if it can be paid for), pro-democrats, anti-death penalty, anti John Howard, and Keynesian economics.

I do not pretend for one minute to be a Liberal Progressive though. I am also for lowering taxes, personal accountability, against new-age "religions" especially Satanism, for tougher drug laws, more restrictive social welfare, for the taxing of charaties, for the reduction in the size of government, for nuclear power, for nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction to be owned by Iran, Syria, Egypt and any others under Israel's nuclear capability, and above all, anti communist. Communism nearly destroyed my ancestors and I hate everything to do with it, so much so that I even applaud the Nazis and Japanese for their genocidal campaign against communism and I hope that one day the USA declares war and invades North Korea and Cuba.

Well, thats about all about me, I'm not a very interesting person, but I look forward to your posts

by Kyjo (kyjoandahalf)
at March 28th, 2006 (02:06 pm)

So I guess my parents messed up and had a normal kid. Ok, I'm throughly weird, but not weird enough to believe any of the bat-shit craziness my Dad and Mom get from Faux News. As you probably guessed, I'm liberal, dur. Actually, I'm pretty balls out liberal. So, there you have it.

My parents are Neo-cons to the point of not giving a shit about human life. It's really christian of them? Oh, and I'm also an athiest (not really a liberal thing, just throwing it out there. Some huge conservative douchebags are atheists.) and that leads to a yelling matches at Thanksgiving.

So, it's nice to be in a community with sane people from insane families. Or if you're insane BUT liberal, that's cool too.

by Godiva (urbanedame)
at February 27th, 2006 (11:38 am)

current mood: bouncy

I am so happy that I found this group!

I'm a 19 year old female, college junior from Houston, TX. My parents are strong Christian Republicans - and I am their liberal daughter. :)

I grew up with Wee Kids March, Focus on the Family, Adventures in Odyssee, Vacation Bible School, and the Hispanic Southern Baptist Convention. My mother is a doctorate-holding Bilingual teacher, my father has his degree in Geology and works in Environmental/Health/Safety and Human Resources. My mother's unclassified minor is Mexican American Studies.

I see why I ended up the way I did - feminist and liberal. The Christian children's church teachings! XD Jesus loves everyone, don't throw stones at people, share, help the poor, ect. Nothing partisan! Actual, pure Jesus-ian teachings!

But I'm not sure how my parents can stand where they are today, and believe what they do. The CRA is probably the only thing that helped them get higher up in the work place. If they didn't have it, they would have never been looked at! Anyone else have this anomally?

And Focus had this radio show on, a week before Star Wars III was released, about how women belong in the home - how that's their proper place and men should be the sole provider, and how happy those women are! I found in insulting because my dad blasted it - in front of my mother - and she was not outwardly angered. I, at the time, was an Engineering major. Sometimes, I just don't understand them.

Also... anyone else still listen to Adventures? Teehee. I can't help myself.

She of the Accordion Ass [userpic]
by She of the Accordion Ass (burned_rose)
at February 13th, 2006 (12:21 am)

My dad just sent me this ridiculous email. So I wrote a response.

21 ways to be a good democratCollapse )

My response: 21 ways to be a good republicanCollapse )

x-posted to some friendly liberal places. Feel free to share

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