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Liberal children spawned of conservative parents
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Liberal spawn of conservatives - UNITE!

This is a community for all the liberals who have flourished despite neo-con upbringings. We welcome liberals lucky enough to have liberal parents, but don't brag. We're jealous enough already. Conservatives are not forbidden, but neo-cons are. Not sure if you're a neo-con? Did you vote for George Bush? Do you think he's a swell guy? Is Pat Robertson your hero? James Dobson? Jerry Falwell? You are a neo-con. Please respect that we think you're stupid.

Share your stories. Memorable political events growing up, what your woman-hating mother told you yesterday, whatever you want. I'm too lazy to be strict about what you can post, so on-topic-ness is not required, but try to keep it within the ideals of this community.

Never the less, I shall offer some guidelines:
  • This community is pro-choice. Mocking of pro-lifers: calling them antis, misogynists, asshats, etc. is perfectly acceptable. If you don't like this, you don't have to read.
  • If, for whatever reason, you link to another journal, please friends-lock the post. I do not enjoy dealing with LJ Abuse because some whiny ass saw that we were making fun of hir.
  • Be respectful to your fellow liberal_spawn. This community is open to people of all religions. Keep this in mind when you post.
  • Do make an effort to not look stupid. Nothing grates on my nerves as horribly as people who don't understand the use of capital letters or the purpose and usage of contractions. Not even my parents.
  • Have fun. Vent, laugh, rant and rave. It's tough to be a liberal_spawn.

Your moderator is scorpi084. I can be reached at scorpi084@livejournal.com, but don't whine. Spamming my inbox will get you lots and lots of goatsex and tubgirl. I'm not a very forgiving person. Don't tempt me.